We analyze: Shrimps healthy or not

While shrimps might be small in size, they certainly don’t come with shrimpy benefits. These delicious crustaceans have been consumed for eons and popularized for its power pack of nutrient. Grilled, boiled, fried or streamed, they are a show stopper in every cuisine. And what more, they are a variety of yummy ways to incorporate them into your diet. Try a shrimp kebab, shrimp curry, or lemon butter shrimp with chips. We look on the following: Shrimps healthy or not?

Seafood can be quite delicious and delectable but have you ever wondered about its health benefits? Today, we are going to be addressing the health benefits of shrimps as well as its side effects.

Health benefits of shrimps

These are the health benefits you get from eating shrimps. We analyze: shrimps healthy or not…

High nutritional value

Shrimps come loaded with vitamin D, and they are a great source of protein. Their protein-rich constituent makes them a quite nutritious food for you. Incorporating shrimps into your diet will introduce a treasure trove of minerals and vitamins like zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, niacin, iodine and many more. If you are looking for a delectable way to promote a healthy body and balance your nutrition, shrimps are the ways to go.

Weight loss

Shrimps are composed primarily of water and they have a low-calorie count, as low as 1 calorie per gram of shrimp. One medium shrimp contains about 7 calories, and the jumbo shrimp, served in shrimp cocktails provides about 14 calories. So if you are looking for yummy ways to cut out carbs from your diet, shrimps are definitely a good way to go.
Zinc is a mineral contained in shrimps, and it is a great way of increasing the level of leptin in the body. Shrimps healthy or not – in case you don’t know, leptin is a hormone that is instrumental in the regulation of our energy, appetite and fat storage. Therefore, it helps avoid issues like overeating, and food craving.

Shrimps contains anti-aging properties

If you are someone that pays great attention and care to your skin, and you are looking for foods with anti-aging properties, shrimps are a great option. Shrimps are packed with astaxanthin – a certain carotenoid- which is a powerful antioxidant that helps combat the signs of aging caused by the sun.

We all know that the sunlight is one of the major culprits of anti-aging. You can easily slow down the inevitable effects of the exposure to UVA by adding shrimp to your diet.

Shrimps are beneficial for your hair and skin

Studies have shown that the minerals contained in shrimps promote healthy skin and hair. The zinc constituent in it plays a huge role in creating and maintaining new cells in the body. So, if your skin and hair cells are well maintained, your hair increases in volume and your skin looks better. Even the embarrassing reality that comes with hair loss can be easily combated with a higher dose of shrimps.

Shrimps promotes our cardiovascular health

The simple but highly nutritious shrimps can help prevent the danger of cardiovascular disease. A whole lot of people around the world are afflicted with cardiovascular disease. Fermented shrimp paste contains a fibrinolytic enzyme which is used for thrombolytic therapy to break up any harmful blood clot in the blood vessels. In this part this is clear: Shrips healthy or not…

In addition to this enzyme, shrimps also come with a high level of omega 3-fatty acid that can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attacks by eliminating harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Shrimps can help prevent osteoporosis

Your bone health can be greatly improved with shrimps because of it various array of vitamins like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and even protein which aids the fight against bone degeneration. When you are deficient in these dietary vitamins and protein, it could lead to a deterioration of your bone mass, quality, and strength. So, you get to be stronger for longer by increasing your intake of shrimps.

Shrimps improve your brain health

Did you know shrimps can be of help in increasing your test scores and improving your workout regimen? Let’s see how this occurs. Shrimps contain a high level of iron which plays a key role in increasing oxygen flow to the brain and muscle that would lead to better strength and endurance, and improved concentration and comprehension.
The astaxanthin contained in shrimps has been suggested to improve memory performance and reduce the risk of brain inflammation disease. Also, the iodine constituent in them helps in producing thyroid hormone in the body which helps in brain development during pregnancy and infancy.

Decreases menstrual cramp

Shrimps are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids – a beneficial type of cholesterol – which helps to balance out the negative effects of omega -6 fatty acids in the bloodstream. This allows it promote the healthy flow of blood to the reproductive organ which will alleviate menstrual pain in women.

Anti-cancer activity

Selenium and astaxanthin are key minerals contained in shrimps that can help lower the levels of some cancer. They boost the immune system and promote the activities of the blood vessel, to slow down tumor growth. Also, the harmful effects of the free radicals that could lead to cancer can be combated by it.

Some side effects of shrimps

Here we show which contents are in the shrimps, and what maybe some side effects, which are not that good. Some points show that not for all people it is clear: Shrimps healthy or not?


A lot of seafood contains a trace amount of mercury, and shrimps are no different. When there is an abundance of mercury in your diet, it could lead to health hazards, which includes increased reduced fetal health and vision problem. So, try to avoid the danger of mercury poisoning by controlling the amount of shrimps you incorporate into your diet.


Shrimps have been known to contain a moderately high volume of purine. Purines occur naturally in our body, it is a necessary element of our body’s chemistry. An excessive level of purine in the body can be dangerous especially for those with health conditions like gout.

When the cells in your body die, purine breaks down into uric acid, which the kidney then passes out or around the body. If you have a healthy body system, you might not be affected by it, but if suffering from gout; your health condition can be exacerbated.

Food allergies

Seafood like shrimps sometimes causes an unexpected allergic reaction when there has been a drastic increase in their intake. Some allergic reactions include vomit, nausea, and rashes. So, be careful when trying out new seafood, and try to control your consumption.

So whats up now? Shrimps healthy or not?

When added to your diet, this funny looking crustacean provides a pack of nutrient to you. It is quite common to see shrimp cocktails on menus, these crustaceans can be enjoyed either in hot or chilled dishes.

The benefits of shrimps are great for you, but always remember that moderation is key in its consumption.
What are your favorite ways of eating shrimps?

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