Drink one liter of water everyday to get healthy

Staying hydrated plays a massive role in the proper functioning of our body, seeing as our body is made up of about 75% water. Imagine not drinking any water for 8 hours straight up when you are up and about. I mean no soda, no smoothie, no coffee and no tea. You’d feel parched and dry mouthed. That is precisely what happens when you are asleep. Your body becomes slowly dehydrated since you can’t get any fluid because, well, you are sleeping. You have to drink one liter of water everyday to become really awake.

A lot of us rush to drink water after we’ve been physically active or when it’s hot out. But, what we don’t know is that we are missing out on one of the best time to drink water. If you drink up to a liter of water on an empty stomach when you get up, you are off to a great start. This often ignored water therapy process comes with a lot of health benefits.
Even the Japanese who has the overall greatest longevity is known to drink two glasses of water upon waking. Here are other perks you get from drinking one liter of water every day when you get up.

It rids the body of toxin

While you sleep at night, your body repairs itself and releases toxins. When you can get enough water into your system in the morning, it helps your kidney cleanse itself and rid your body of these toxins.
Once your body has been rid of these toxins, you’ll be able to absorb nutrients from your breakfast more easily and have a better glowing skin.

It jumpstarts your metabolism

Studies have shown that drinking no less than 16.oz of water in the morning can increase your metabolic rate by at least 24%. An improved digestive system is one of the benefits you derive from an increased rate of metabolism. This is most beneficial especially when you are on a weight loss strict diet since you get to digest food faster.

One liter of water everyday promotes a healthy weight loss

Drinking up to a liter of water before breakfast makes your stomach gets filled up with a zero calories substance. So, you get to avoid the temptation of snacking before lunch. Also, since an improved digestive system is also one of the many benefits you stand to gain, your cravings will be reduced, and you get to stay full longer.

It helps alleviate indigestion and heartburn

When there is an increase in the acidic rate in the stomach, it leads to indigestion. Then, when the acid refluxes into your esophagus, it leads to heartburn. You can solve this problem by drinking water on an empty stomach to push down and dilute the acid.

It improves your skin radiance

Dehydration causes deep pores and wrinkles on the skin. A study carried out revealed that drinking about 500 ml of water on an empty stomach can increase your blood flow and leave your skin better and glowing.
Since your body gets to release toxins with increased water intake, it is only natural that your skin is the largest organ of your body benefits and becomes radiant.

It helps prevent bladder and kidney infection

It has been established that drinking water on an empty stomach can help dilute the acids that cause the formation of kidney stones. So, you can prevent bladder and kidney infections when you drink up to a liter of water immediately after waking up.

It strengthens your immunity

When you drink water on an empty stomach, it helps flush and balance out your lymphatic system. This then leads to increased level of protection which enables you to fight a variety of disease.

It helps rehydrate your dehydrated body

After sleeping for an extended period, let’s say 8 hours, you wake up with your body feeling dehydrated. Your body would have naturally used up its store of water from yesterday, and it’s time to refill your tank. When you provide your cell with the much-needed water, you not only feel more refreshed but have more natural energy throughout the morning and feel healthier and happier.

It helps your brain function optimally

Your brain tissue is made up of about 72% water. So, naturally, when dehydrated, your brain is functioning at low fuel. A liter of water in the morning will fuel your brain and leave you feeling sharp and clear throughout the day. A low fuel level, on the other hand, leaves you feeling drained and tired and may even lead to a headache and mood swing.

Here is how to get the best result from your water therapy:

  • Drink one liter of water everyday immediately after waking up, before brushing and on an empty stomach
  • Avoid eating or drinking any other food or drink for about an hour after drinking water
  • Avoid alcoholic beverage before going to bed because of its dehydrating effects.
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