We show you how to set goals and achieve them

Goals provide you with a sense of purpose and meaning. It gets you engaged and interested. It provides clear-cut directions for you. The high that comes after completing a race can be likened to the sense of pride and elation that comes with completing a goal. That is why you should set goals and achieve them will be even easier, if they are realistic.

With goals, you get to turn the invisible to visible. You turn your vision for the future into a reality. You know just what you want to achieve; your direction in life. Set goals and achieve them provides you with short term and long term visions. They give you focus and directions.

Only a few people do achieve their set goals. Obstacles and hurdles are bound to come up, and a lot of people quit at the first taste of these. Studies have even shown that a whopping 92% of New Year resolutions fail to be achieved. You can make it to the 8% minority that meets their goals by following these steps.

Think about the why

Goals can be authentic or inauthentic. An authentic goal will bring happiness to your life and at the same time, enrich it. The inauthentic goal falls on the opposing camp. So, try to ponder on these questions before setting your goals, because they form the foundation for their success or otherwise:

  • Will this goal bring me fulfillment and joy?
  • What will achieving this goal mean to me?
  • Is this really me?
  • Is this what I want or what the world want expects of me?
  • Are these goals relevant to the larger pictures of my life?

When your goals motivate you, you perceive value in achieving them. You might not put in so much work to make them happen when you have little to no interest in them.

Put your goals in writing

Put your pen to paper and physically declare your goal. You have about a 60% chance of achieving your goal when you put it in writing. So crystallize and give your goals more force by writing them down. For example, ‘to go for 45 minutes’ walk four times a week, to eat more fruits and vegetable’. Set goals and achieve – only is working if you have definitive and the best: WRITTEN DOWN goals.

When you put your goals in writing, it becomes more tangible and real. Try to post your written goals on your desk, bathroom mirror, refrigerator or computer monitor so you can easily reference them. So, word your goals and go from wishful thinking to making your goals happen.

Track your daily or weekly progress

Review your goals on a daily or weekly basis by writing down what did work for you, and the unanticipated challenges you faced. This goal tracking will provide better action steps in future. With it, you can tell if you are making progress and also confirm if you are on the right track. You can also know if your efforts are producing the desired result. Either way, you get to improve your strategy.

Reward yourself – when you set goals and achieve them

With rewards, you get the right incentive to put in more efforts towards achieving your goals. It is a way of telling yourself, you are right, and you have succeeded.

So, for the sake of this, we are going to ignore our lessons on humility and being humble and celebrate every wins. Every small win should be celebrated. Every little victory acknowledged.

If your goal is to avoid junk foods, and you can say ‘No thanks’ to that scrumptious looking sponge cake, then commend yourself for your willpower.

Tell people that you set goals and achieve the first, second…

Are you one of those that shy away from revealing your goals to others? Why? Because of the fear of failure? The fear of being ashamed at failing?

You shouldn’t think this way. Think instead of the moral support and physical assistance you’d get. Make yourself accountable to your loved ones. Don’t be too uncomfortable to share your setbacks. You just might be shocked by the number of people who cheer you on and the support you’d get.

Loved ones will be willing to jump in the boat and help you get where you want to be. When you are about helping yourself to the second glass of wine, they’d be there to give you a nudge.

But remember, not everyone you tell will feel so enthusiastic about your goal. Try to filter constructive feedbacks from mean-spirited commentaries.

Set SMART goals and achieve them

Try to apply the SMART rule to setting your goals. This will make your goals more achievable. By smart, we mean:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound
  • Set specific goals

When you set generalised or vague goals, you don’t get specific directions of where you are going. On the other hand, a well-defined and clear goal shows you the way to go and defines the precise place you want to end up. A vague goal is ‘I want to be healthier’, a better specific one is ‘I will eat two servings of vegetable and fruits in the morning and evening and exercise 2 times a week’. That is the way you should set goals and achieve them will be easy!

Set attainable goals

To get a great goal setting balance, set realistic yet challenging goals. Never raise ‘the bar’ too high or too low. Set it at a perfect balance that won’t erode your confidence and lead you to demoralizing yourself. Saying you want to have the physique of a Victorian secret model in 2 months, might not be easily attainable within your time frame.
So, remember to keep your goals grounded on what you can achieve.

Set relevant goals

Keep your goals aligned with the direction you want your life to take. When your goals are relevant, you gain focus on getting ahead and doing what you want. You will only fritter your time away with inconsistent and wide-scattered goals.

Set time-bound goals

Set goals deadlines. Deadlines come with a sense of urgency and end with a sense of achievement. With time-bound goals, you can feel, heck, even taste your success. This will ensure you set goals and achieve them in time.

Procrastinations have almost become a natural human quality. But with approaching deadlines on your mind, procrastinations vanish with a poof.

Set measurable goals

When you set measurable goals, you can be able to measure your degree of success. Think about this: When you don’t set measurable goals, how then do you know your goals have been achieved?

When you think of your goal as a final destination, they become more measurable. With this, you can easily move on to other goals.

Identify obstacles

When planning for success, we naturally don’t want to think anything would go wrong. However, identifying potential obstacles arms you to a game plan. So, when they eventually show up, you already know how to deal with them. A great tip is to write down possible solutions to your identified problems.

Conclusion – how to set goals and achieve them

Whether your goals are small or big, they are the stepping stones to living a happier and more fulfilled life. Setting goals are part of what makes life good. The techniques you use in setting your goals will make a huge difference towards achieving them.

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Take note of these tips to set smart goals and achieve them.

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