We give three tips how to lose belly fat

Some things are very important, when you want to lose belly fat. First task is of course to to crunches and sit-ups. That is important to get muscles in the region of the stomach. But that is not the most important thing. First of all: This is not possible in one or two weeks. To gain a sixpack is much work and can be very frustrating. That is why we want to give motivation for you!

As you all know: A sixpack is made in the kitchen!

As most of you know a real sixpack is made at about 70% in the kitchen. It is important to eat enough protein, best is you eat enough protein throughout the day and not only at one specific time. You will need around 0.8 grams protein per kg of your own weight. If you are training in the gym and want to build up some muscles, you can take up to 2 grams per kg weight. A woman with 70 kg (155 pounds) should take up a maximum of 140 grams protein per day. If you do not eat much milk products, meat or fish it maybe good to take some whey protein powder and mix it into your drink. Our tip: Optimize it with some frozen fruits and mix it!

Your basal metabolism can be calculated here on this homepage: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bmr_calculator.htm When you calculated it you know your average basal metabolism rate. If you eat less than these calories, plus the calories you burn with your calorie tracker during the day you are loosing weight, if you eat more than basal metabolism rate plus calories tracked you are gaining weight. And yes it is that simple to lose belly fat!

Another point is: Do cardio!

If you have some pounds (kilos) too much, you have to do some cardio to loose weight. It is the most effective method to lose belly fat. It doesn’t matter if you go running, do swimming or go on the bike. With modern calorie trackers you can see, how much calories you lost. The positive factor of doing cardio is that you can eat more the day. We know that many people have problems to loose weight, because the like eating so much… well everybody likes it! And it’s good! We like it, too! The thing is, that when you do much cardio you can eat more. And often it is easier to do more cardio but not eat just a little.

The last tip: Do force exercises for the whole body!

When you just du crunches and sit-ups your body is not strength enough in the back, maybe you get backspin or other problems. Good exercises are planking and push-ups. Do them regularly! When your whole body gets strengthened your sixpack looks even better, when you walk on the beach.

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