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Hiking comes with a whole lot of benefits than you could ever think of. It is more than just being an iconic camping activity or a means of getting immersed in nature while on the trail, or an excellent opportunity for the perfect photography moments or a means to get away from the city life. It has a much more positive impact on your health and well-being.

We all know a healthy lifestyle is vital to our wellbeing. This lifestyle can be achieved through eating right and exercise. However, following a great exercise routine can be a hard thing for some of us, seeing as the 21st century comes with a whole lot of busy schedules and short deadlines, and gym membership and workout classes can be quite expensive.

Today, we are going to explore some of the benefits hiking offers you. These understated health benefits not just improves your physical wellbeing, but also your mental and spiritual wellbeing as well.

Let’s get right to it.

Benefits of hiking

Hiking has provided us with a cheap, free exercise alternative that offers different health benefits, irrespective of your fitness level. With it, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership.

So, whether time or budget is all standing in your way of taking the first step to live a healthier life, then regular hiking should be taken up.

Hiking helps reduce risks of cardiovascular disease

Walking conditions the heart and help increase the good cholesterol in your body as well as your HDL levels. Hiking is great for children and adults alike, as it helps reduce the risks of coronary heart disease and stroke in adults and reduce the chances of obesity and diabetes in children.

Being overweight and out of shape could lead to having a high level of cholesterol and blood pressure which could, in turn, increase your risk of a heart attack or disease. You can take preventative measures against this, through frequent hikes.

Hiking helps prevent diabetes

The level of insulin in the body can be brought under control through exercises like hiking. Also, the degenerative damage to the body as a result of diabetes can be reduced by going on a hike. When your blood sugar level is reduced, and glucose is transferred from your bloodstream for energy through going on a trek, your risk of diabetes is reduced.

Hiking helps Increase bone density

Your bone health can be improved when the vitamin D level of your body is increased by getting out in the sun. Also, since trekking is a form of exercise, it helps to strengthen your bone and improve your bone’s tolerance to impacts. So with hiking, you can decrease the risk of developing arthritis and osteoporosis.

Hiking helps strengthen social relationship

Going on a trek helps you forge bonds while shaping up. It is just the perfect activity for using the buddy system. A regular weekend meet-up will be something to look forward to. And when you get to share the experience of making it to the top of a challenging summit with friends, over time, you get to see going on an exploration and workout in general as a form of lifestyle rather than a chore.

Going on a trek helps keep your weight under control

Many of us struggle to keep our weight under control. What more, the strict routine and difficult workout regimen makes losing that extra weigh almost unrealistic. Trekking provides a fun and exciting way to drop extra weight and burn calories. Studies have even shown that hiking can burn about 370 calories per hour. The fun exploration and excursions make it seem as if you aren’t working out while the calories keep sizzling off.

Hiking helps you get your regular dose of vitamin D

Vitamin D can be gotten from some foods, but the sun remains one of the best sources of the vitamin. Vitamin D helps to keep your bone and muscles strong to promote an overall good health. However, try to avoid the sun between 11 am and 2 pm. 10 to 15 minutes of sunshine about three times a week is quite okay.

Hiking helps you commune with nature

Hiking provides you with an opportunity to bring peace and a sense of wellbeing to yourself by connecting to nature and your inner spirit. When you are out in nature, away from the chaos of technology and out of our fast-moving daily life, you get a welcomed break from the feeling of being switched on. The mental fatigue from being plugged into the network of the world and constant checking on our phones and gadgets will be relieved.

Hiking helps boosts your brain

Regular closeness to nature through hiking can help stimulate your brain. Studies have shown that people who spend less time with technology and are closer to nature are 50% more creative in their problem-solving skills. Going out in nature also helps you have a better memory than those who don’t.

Hiking helps provide mental and emotional clarity

There is this clarity that comes from breathing in fresh air, listening to the tranquil melody of nature, feeling the warm kiss of the sun on your skin, that provides a healthy way for you to sort out your inner struggle and stress.

We are sure there are times now and then when you need to get some quiet time to think away from the noise, rush, and lights of the city life. Going on a trail provides the perfect opportunity for that. What more, it is one of those outdoor activities that has been proven to reduce depression, tension and stress.

Hiking helps improve your overall health

The physical exertion from hiking improves our health in a lot of ways. The weight loss, increased vitamin D, reduced mental stress and other benefits from hiking act as a great way of improving our overall health. Since our body craves frequent activities and most of our time is spent sitting, hiking helps provide the activity level required to be healthy.

Conclusion why going on a trek is so healthy

The trail offers a welcome change of scenery, away from boring elliptical and treadmills. So, if you aren’t one for lifting tings and putting them down to be fit, hiking is a great alternative.

So, lace up your hiking boots and go for an expedition up a mountain. Cut out the pricey fitness studio and trendy workout classes and get back to the basic. Skip the gym and hit your local trail the next time the weather is nice outside.

How often do you take hikes?

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