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Pushups might be an old school move, but it is one of the most effective workouts you can do to strengthen your upper body. We analyze the health benefits of pushups. The pushing motion targets your shoulders, chest and triceps muscles that are half your upper body.

Pushups – are they healthy and what is important to know?

Pushups are excuse free; you require no expensive equipment, trainer instruction, or unique skills to carry it out effectively.
Today, we are going to talk about the health benefits of pushups and other relevant details to know.

Health benefits of pushups

It helps to control and prevent Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a medical condition that occurs as a result of lack of activities and aging of the muscles which then leads to a decrease in the muscle mass. Power exercise like pushups can help increase the muscle mass since they are directed at the muscle. Regular pushups that train the bone density will also allow for an early protection against such diseases.

It helps increase the bone mass

As we get older, there occurs a decline in our bone mass. This weakening of the bone mass which is referred to Osteoporosis makes us susceptible to fractures. Regular performances of exercise like pushups will help keep the bone strong and healthy.

Pushups improves the metabolic system

The motions involved in pushups help to increase the rate at which the metabolic system works. Excess body fat and weight, and some health problems often occur as a result of poor metabolism. The trained muscular system will help increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the blood vessels which will, in turn, lead to a better metabolic system.

Pushups can improve your immune system

A boost in the immune system is one of the health benefits of pushups. Endurance training like pushups in addition to the consumption of fruits can help the body become less susceptible to disease.

Pushups strengthen the abdominal muscles

The core movement involved in push-ups will help train and shape up the abdominal muscle. When the abdominal muscle is strengthened the stomach can be well shaped, and the body posture can be improved.

Pushups prevents lower back pains

If you are someone that does a lot of lifting and carrying, pushups will be a great help to you. Pushups help to give support to your spine by strengthening your lower back muscle and abs. This will make your torso more stable, and this prevents lower back pains.

Pushups increases blood circulation

The process involved in performing pushups help to pump more blood to the heart. This circulation of blood helps promote a healthy heart which will decrease the risk of heart disease, stroke and other illness.

How to increase the intensity of your pushups

Thinking of increasing the intensity of your pushups? Then try any of these:

  • Try loading your backpack with something heavy and carry it across your back as you push up so that the weight rests more on your shoulder than your lower back.
  • Get someone to place a weight plate on the middle of your back.
  • You could also try getting a weighted vest and put it on when performing your push-ups. The weighted vests come in different pound weights, so go with the one you can manage well.

Pushups don’t have to be plain

There is an infinite number of ways you can modify Pushups to suit you, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You could try any of these types of pushups:

  • Try the decline pushup by placing your feet on an elevated surface to emphasize the upper portion of the chest muscle
  • Try the incline pushup by putting your hands on a high surface and feet on the floor.
  • You could also add spice by using the medicine or stability ball.
  • You could even try the clap pushup, where your hands clap in between pressing up from and lowering to the floor.

Pushups are healthy and you can do them by yourself at home

The health benefits of pushups mentioned in this article should spur you to add them to your workout routine. Pushups might look easy because you aren’t making use of any fancy equipment but the moment you try a wide-grip push up you’d realize it takes great strength to lift your own body. With Pushups, you get to strengthen your muscles by using your body weight as resistance.

How many rounds of pushups do you perform daily?

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