As we have seen by ourselves, that motivation is one of the biggest struggle on the way to get fit we have our own topic on tipps and tricks how you stay motivated. The motivation is one of the biggest issues here on FitFoodFire. Without the motivation to change your body and soul you will not even make it to the next day…

How to set goals and achieve them

Goals provide you with a sense of purpose and meaning. It gets you engaged and interested. It provides clear-cut directions for you. The high that comes after completing a race can be likened to the sense of pride and elation

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5 tips to motivate yourself to exercise

You know how good exercise is for you. Yet your workout motivation is at zero level. You want that stress-free magic-pill that makes you look great. Good news, the magic pill is available. Bad news, it is exercise. The bucket

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Break a habit in 21 days and create a new lifestyle in 90 days

“Once you understand that habits can change, you have the freedom- and the responsibility –to remake them” – Charles Duhigg. We are all creatures of habit. This makes any change in our life a difficult, terrifying and inconvenient thing for

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Three tips how to lose belly fat and gain a sixpack

Some things are very important, when you want to lose belly fat. First task is of course to to crunches and sit-ups. That is important to get muscles in the region of the stomach. But that is not the most

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7 motivation tips on how to become a runner – stay motivated when running

In our today’s article we want to present seven tips, which can make it a lot easier for you to start your next run and finally to become a runner. Seven tips on motivation to become a runner and stay

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