Fascia roll for fascia training

Fascia training is a new fad since a few months. But is it really important? Short: YES! IT IS! The training for the fascias is very important, because we have nearly 45 pounds (20 kg) of fascias in our body.

Fasciae are fine, tough connective tissue skins. Anyone who has ever made meat nows fasciae. Those milky-white skins, that cover the raw steak, that are fasciae. Fascia also envelops the muscles in humans and allows individual muscles to be separated from one another.

Danger from sticky fascia – do fascia training!

The sticky fascia leads to two different problems:

  • On the one hand, the mobility of the affected muscle fibers is significantly reduced by the loss of their traction and flexibility.
  • On the other hand, the nerves that pass through this area of tissue can be squeezed, causing injury. Sometimes it leads to sensitive pain. These are pains whose cause can not be identified on an X-ray, so that with indefinable pains the fascia should always be considered. In back pain, it should even be so that only in 20 percent of cases, the intervertebral discs are responsible, so some scientists. The remaining 80 percent have other causes, including often sticky fascia.

What can you do for your fasciae?

The fascia tissue can be excellently trained. Therefore, full-body fascia stretching and full-body muscle strengthening can greatly affect the health of your fascia. A fascia training should always consist of soft, dynamic stretching exercises, so especially training methods, such as yoga, pilates, tai chi and qigong are suitable for strengthening your fascia tissue.

A regular exercise training ensures that the connective tissue cells are stimulated to replace old collagen fibers with new ones. In addition, the entire body is better supplied with blood. Thus it is optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients. The fascia tissue changes only slowly, but then permanently. For this reason, it is advisable to train regularly.

The fascia roll is an additional tool for revitalizing the fascia tissue. A fascia roll is a solid foam roller.  You can massage your fasciae with a little bit of practicing. In a few weeks we will make a how-to youtube video on our channel.

The massage should stimulate the fascial tissue and dissolve sticky fascia. You have to use the roll regularly. This fascia training is very important, when you are on the way to getting fit!

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