The picture shows some baked broccoli with cheese

This is a quick dinner, which is made very easy to safe you time. Baked broccoli with cheese ist tasty and has many proteins. This menu is low carb.

Why broccoli?

A portion of broccoli already contains a lot of vitamin C. With its high content of niacin and ß-carotene, the cabbage vegetable helps the immune system to protect the cells against harmful radicals. In addition, broccoli provides the body with magnesium, which is important for cardiac and muscle activity and nerve stimulation. Also as a calcium supplier is broccoli highly recommended. This is especially important for people, who do not tolerate dairy products and need to meet their calcium needs through alternative foods.

In addition to vitamins, broccoli is responsible for the phytochemical function due to phytochemicals such as odorants and flavorings. The ingredient sulforaphane has been proven in various studies, that it helps the body to kill cancer-causing substances.

The mustard oils generally contained in broccoli are said to have an inhibiting effect on certain cancers.

Why Emmentaler cheese?

The concentration of propionibacteria is highest in the Emmentaler compared to other cheeses. Propionibacteria is attributed to a variety of positive effects on the human body.

So they should be anti-inflammatory and good for the immune system.

You need:

Emmentaler Cheese
Paprika powder
Garlic powder
Herbs of provence
Olive Oil
Hot sauce – just if you want it hot

Baked broccoli with cheese – how to cook

It is a very easy and fast to make menu. It is healthy with not so much calories and much protein. Just mix the sauce, oil and cheese in one bowl. Cut the broccoli in small pieces and mix the broccoli with the now spiced cheese together. Then do it for at least 20 minutes in the oven. Baked broccoli with cheese is ready. ENJOY!

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