Seven motivation tips how to become a runner

In our today’s article we want to present seven tips, which can make it a lot easier for you to start your next run and finally to become a runner.

Seven tips on motivation to become a runner and stay one

We are focusing on you and not on others. You run to become fit and stay fit. It does not matter how fast you are or how far you reach! You do ist for your own feeling. What is a runner? For us a runner is somebody who stays focused on running throughout the year. In winter not as much as in summer, but that doesn’t matter. You run far or not so far – that doesn’t matter, either. For us you are already a runner, when you regularly RUN. So now take our tips and go running…


Do not go on a treadmill means, that you, whenever you have the possibility to go out you should do it. You will see other faces, beauties or some animals. It is much more exciting to go out for a run than to stay in the fitness room of your gym or your hotel. Of course in some cities around the world it is not healthy to run outside, especially the cities, which are too dangerous or the cities with too much smog. Then you have to go on the treadmill… ensure you have either your phone with a good youtube video or a good radioplay with you. Note: It is better to run, when it is daytime, the bright light boosts the production of serotonin. You are happier, when you finished your run – you become a runner – a little bit more than yesterday.


We are big fans of the music streaming services. They offer good music and some really nice features, where the program itself creates new lists of music every week. The songs of course meet your own preferences. Another thing beside the good music is that you have to ensure you hear the music with a good quality. You do not have any wireless headphoes? Come on… they are not as expensive as you think.


Yes! You need a goal. For the beginning it could be: Run five minutes – five times with each one minute rest in between. When you do it easily do it six times, then ten minutes for three times. It is easier when you track you running. Several apps for your smartphone can do this. But you does not have to. Another goal could be: Run around this lake or run this path in a city. To become a runner is not easy but much more easy with a main goal – but do not forget to have some in-between-goals.


During your run take your time and see and feel the nature. Breathe the fresh air or smell the fresh smell of the bakery – in the nature or in the city there are so many things to see. Maybe you see some animals during your run. If you run in the morning – why not get some fresh rolls from the bakery? Well – remember full grain is better! 🙂


When you run and are not as fast as others? No problem. You will get faster the more you run. If you track your running you will see the progress you make. You are frustrated because you are slower than last time? All humans have their good days and of course their bad days, too. When you stay running you can be sure to be faster than last time – maybe it takes a week or a month.


The body of all humans needs some time to regenerate. We advise to run only each second day. Now you think: Why should I only run 3 or four times a week? Professsional runners do it each day, either. Well, professionals have always doctor, physiotherapists and coaches next to themselves. They all care of the professional and even they do not the same sport each day. You normally do not a have a personal-each-day physiotherapist. And that is why we advise to only go running every second day to become a runner. If you want do do some cardio on the other day – try with swimming or for example the cross trainer.


The most important aspect, which you can always say to yourself is: I do it for myself! I want to become fit! I want to be healthier! It will be a lot more easier for you to stay focused and to maintain you are running. If you run often enough it will develop to be a habit for you. YOU WILL BECOME A RUNNER! To ensure it stays one remember you do it for the one thing that nobody can buy for what money on the world ever – your own body and soul!

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