Running girl uses 5 ways to stop skipping your workouts

We are all aware that keeping fit and exercising is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We present five ways to stop skipping your workouts. But let’s face it, there are periods when getting to sweat out is the absolute last thing we want. And really, everyone has been there, even the fitness fanatics and gym junkies. It is quite okay to feel this way once in a while. But when you find yourself bailing on your workout more often, then you should consider these five ways to prevent yourself from skipping out of your workouts.

1st tip: Ask other people to hold you accountable

Accountability is an essential tool for anti-resistance, and it will be helpful in making you cave in when you don’t feel like exercising. Accountability can come in different forms. Having a workout partner can strengthen your commitment, and you wouldn’t want to flake on a friend by bailing on your workout.

Also, when your loved ones are in on your workout journey, and you have gained the reputation of a somewhat badass gym go-er, skipping out wouldn’t be an easy option for you. The modern world also comes bearing great devices like smart watches and fitbands and online communities that provides support and inspire you to reach your daily target.

When you are accountable to people and such devices, there would be less bailing on your part.

2nd tip: Make your workout easy and do what you like

Do you know one of the main reasons we tend to bail out on chores like workouts? It is because our brains have been hardwired to do what makes us feel good and that which we can receive immediate gratification.

So choose a workout that is easy and feels right for you. Follow a workout path that requires as little resistance as possible. Always try to make workouts easy. Put a treadmill in front of your T.V. Find a gym close to your home. Keep your gym kit easy to reach. You could even turn your favorite leisure activity into your workout of choice. Anything – dancing, hula-hooping, yoga, hiking – as long as you feel good doing it.

3rd tip: Always do something and count every activity in

Workouts don’t have to be long and comprehensive. Neither does it have to involve X Y and Z to be effective. Part of what makes us skip out of workouts is the misunderstanding of what they must entail. So we are tempted to as well not do anything if we can’t meet up with such pre-determined training session.

You should know that consistency is better than perfection. If perfection were to be the goal of your workouts, then it’d be hard attaining it.
Never write off short sessions. It is better to do something, no matter how small than to do nothing. Regardless of the length of your workouts or if it meets up with your exact gym routine, always ensure you are consistent as it will help you form a more sustainable lifestyle.
Always give yourself credit for every physical activity you do, count everything in and add it up.

4th tip: Reframe your fitness reasons

Reframe your reason for wanting to be fit to be devoid of societal pressures and the strive for an ‘ideal’ body. When there is no obsession or stress over your reason for pursuing fitness, then you can step into the fitness space with ease and adaptability.

You get to learn to be fit for the sake of fitness. You will also get to see fitness as a means of self-care and honoring your body.
Take ownership of your fitness and ignore the media, your doctor, and friends voices proclaiming that you ‘should’ exercise.

5th tip: Celebrate yourself and give yourself rewards

Have something tangible to look forward to when you complete your scheduled workouts. Researchers have shown that a reward system can have a profound effect on your motivation.

Rewards certainly do work. A weekend getaway, new outfits, a spa day, a super healthy smoothie or an episode of your favorite TV-show can be an incentive to sweat it out. When you feel yourself kicking ass in your workout, then celebrate yourself mid-workout.

Remember your post-workout selfie is not going to take itself. So take note of these tips next time you feel like skipping out of your workout.
What other tips work for you when you are feeling too lazy to workout?

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