Beyond this article are 5 tips to motivate yourself to exercise

You know how good exercise is for you. Yet your workout motivation is at zero level. You want that stress-free magic-pill that makes you look great. Good news, the magic pill is available. Bad news, it is exercise. The bucket of solution for your problem is motivation. We give you 5 tips to motivate yourself to exercise.

When it comes to motivation to exercise, some of us need a bigger push than others. Scientists have revealed that financial reward for exercising won’t motivate certain individuals to hit the gym. But hey – something is just gonna work out for you.
Perhaps, your most favorite work out day is ‘tomorrow.’ Maybe you’ve signed up for a gym membership and ended up giving up the very next week or month.

It is time to break down the mental wall holding you back. And yeah, motivation will be our wall breaker. We get to solve your workout motivation problem with five tips to motivate yourself. Sound good? Cool. Let’s start…

Give yourself an edge with visualization

Do you know your brain responds to visualization? You become more driven to exercise, and your neurological pathway strengthens when you mentally rehearse and picture yourself working out. Since you are mentally prepared, you get to keep your cool when the big moment comes.

The power of visualization is one of the best-kept secrets in the fitness community. Visualize what your life would be 10 or 20 years from now if you remain on the same path you currently are on. Mentally envision your fitness goals and how you are going to feel and look when you reach them. The more often you use visualization during workouts, the more motivated you will be to continue a healthy lifestyle. Visualize then actualize.

Give yourself an incentive

Get into the fitness groove with a reward system. Your brain finds it easy to latch on to an extrinsic reward which overtime becomes intrinsic. You could make the benefits of working out tangible. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Treat yourself to a day at the spa. It could be a new outfit or a weekend trip. Buy some fancy new workout cloth.

Incentive work when they are done right. However, make sure it is in line with your fitness goal, so no binging on disgusting foods. Enjoy a delicious and nutritious protein bar. Treat yourself to a smoothie. Overtime, without external motivation, you get the ‘I-feel-freaking-amazing’ rush after a great workout session.

Make variety the spice of your fitness

Your fitness level will be plateau if your workouts don’t offer you a challenge. Diversify your workout with a variety of exercise. Going for aerobic exercise? Then try dancing, skipping, biking, swimming, use a weight or resistance machine, take Pilates or yoga classes, weight training, flexibility exercise. This diversity helps to keep your workout engaging and compelling.

Exercises don’t have to be boring

Introduce new elements into your workout routine to make it fun. When you enjoy your workout routine, you are more likely to continue. Have a good time while working up a sweat. When you are having fun, you don’t get those throw-up-your-hands-and-give-up’ moments. Whatever you do, enjoy it to motivate yourself to exercise.

Take a dance class to sculpt and tone your body. Pump up the volume of your of your MP3 player with a slow playlist or an upbeat, fast-paced music. Jump on a pogo stick. Hop on a trampoline. Use fitness apps. Try a hula hoop for abdominal toning. Enter little healthy workout competitions. Anything that catches your flow.

Set small achievable goals

Setting a minimum bar for yourself is half the battle. So set the bar low and start small. Try exercising a half hour a day… too much for you? Then try twice a week. Start with something you can do effortlessly. Don’t psyche yourself out before starting, so shoot for small goals.

Embrace big motivation and small goals. Shun big goals and little motivation. Set the bar low to build up initial success and self-confidence.

Remember the 5 tips to motivate yourself to exercise

You don’t have to wimp out of your workout even if you feel your motivation is slipping away. Nobody said staying healthy and getting active was easy. If it were, everyone would do it. We hope the 5 tips to motivate yourself to exercise help you to get fit.

It is time to get out of your rut. After reading this article, the snooze button on your alarm clock shouldn’t look so inviting any more.

Here are the five tips on a shoestring:

  1. Give yourself an edge with visualization
  2. Give yourself an incentive
  3. Make variety the spice of your fitness
  4. Exercises don’t have to be boring
  5. Set small achievable goals

What other tips to motivate yourself to exercise do you have?

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